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What is Spiritual Hypnotherapy?

Sunburst through Clouds Crescent Beach Dec 2014 photo by Susan TurnerSpiritual hypnotherapy is the recognition of our own Divine essence – including that of the Soul and the existence of an ‘Energy of Intelligence’ beyond our own. You can use this connection to explore the deeper life meanings of struggles and obstacles and learn how to resolve them.

We work together through the interactive approach of spiritual hypnotherapy – honoring your belief system while you explore your personal energetic connection. There are many benefits to exploring and working with unconditional love in its various forms.

Past clients have commented on importance of direct contact and how it has empowered them towards deeper understandings of love, strength and happiness.

This is sacred work.

Common areas of exploration include:

  • The Soul, the Higher Self, and the Akashic Records
  • The Divine connection & that of our Spiritual Team: Guides, Totems & Spiritual Deities
  • Connect with Loved Ones who have crossed over

And how to attain:

  • Release from the past; including past relationships & situations causing emotional pain
  • Change behaviors and patterns through spiritual clearing, new wisdom and wholeness
  • Receive spiritual healing on different levels including the Inner Child
  • Receive practical guidance to improve your quality of life
  • Learn how to create peace, happiness and love for self and others
  • Expand your spiritual awareness; assist with a deeper heart opening and higher guidance of your Soul path

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