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Heart Resonance Sessions

Yours to Discover!

Heart ResonanaceHeart Resonance is a practical solution to the stresses of daily life.

Heart Resonance is a powerful new spiritual approach that is so simple, yet so practical. Using pure and nurturing energy, Heart Resonance works with the divine force of unconditional love-the most compelling and positive force we can access!

By nourishing our spirit and re-energizing our selves we can dissolve disharmony and enhance our life with love. Working with the energy systems within our body is an effective way to clear negative emotions, residual feelings out and create a tranquil space which you can grow!

What is Energy?

One might discribe energy in terms of physics - matter in its different forms and its capacity to do work; or the strength and vitality needed for sustained physical or mental activity. However one describes it, all energy emits frequency, light and sound.Some frequencies are more subtle.  For example, we cannot feel the energy from a cell phone or a micro-wave, but we know these frequencies exist because our phones ring, and our food heats up.  

At a cellular level our bodies work uses energy for many functions and for communication with other cells.  Some can be measures like EEG's (brainwaves) and ECG's which measure the heartwaves.


The Energy of Heart Resonance (HR)

HR logoHR uses the Divine Love frequency containing easy to learn tools for:


You will learn practical skills to work with this frequency & through its use greatly expand your consciousness & intuitive abilities. HR aligns you to the energetic changes happening in our world as well as helps increase our healing capacity by clearing emotional stagnation & residues that burden the body, clearing the way for a greater opening of the heart.

Susan is able to assist you by:

  • Working with the chakras and energy bodies to help re-balance the body that directly interact with the whole body, including the different systems and energetic pathways to transform existing disharmony and thereby remove blockages.
  • Working with the various energy channels and meridians in the body to energetically enhance the body's ability to heal.

Looking for a Individual Session?

Individual appointments are available at an investment of $125.
Including intake form, the amount of time varies between 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Many clients find one session is all they need. The amount of sessions you require is really up to you.

What happens during a Heart Resonance Session?

After a consultation, you are made comfortable; fully clothed. Susan moves into meditation and accesses Heart Resonance Energy and the session begins. There is no touch between the practitioner and client except when Susan signals the end of the session by a touch to the shoulder.

How does it work?

Heart Resonance is accepted by the body’s energetic system first, through the Chakras. While all energy work comes from the Divine, HR differs in the way it works. Unlike other energy modalities, HR will find the area(s) of disharmony to clear it AND it also benefits all areas of the body for a greater self healing experience.

How does it feel?

Although each person experiences HR differently, most people report feeling very relaxed, centered and calm both during and immediately after their appointment.

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