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Why Hire A Life Coach?life coaching

A life coach is professionally trained to help you accelerate development and gain insight by asking powerful questions that quickly get to the core issues so they can be resolved. A coach empowers you to take bigger, bolder actions and establish meaningful, motivational goals and workable plans. A coach helps you discover your strengths as you move through challenges and witnesses your breakthroughs!

In working with you I draw upon the most advanced knowledge-based coaching techniques to accelerate personal growth happiness and life satisfaction that 5/5/5 Coaching™ offers.

What Can You Achieve with Coaching?

As you read these reasons you are invited to ask yourself, “Is this something I want more of in my life?”

1. Design your life to maximize HAPPINESS

Isn’t being happy what life is all about? A happy life is a fulfilled life. In whatever we are doing in life – work, play, relationships, fun, chores, travel – I believe in maximizing “happiness”. As a coach, happiness is at the top of the list because when we are happy we are being true to ourselves and living in alignment to our purpose. We allow ourselves to be in the flow of giving and receiving. We are open to our potentials and harnessing our opportunities for growth and change. We feel stimulated and alive.

In my practice more and more people are interested happiness. They are interested in re-awakening their passions, uncovering their strengths and re-defining themselves so that they can live a life that fulfills them - the life they have always dreamed of - Soulful and rewarding. However, it is a team effort that requires your commitment to the process and my commitment to you to provide outstanding service and support.

There are many factors that contribute to happiness. Throughout our coaching relationship we’ll explore the ways you define happiness and cultivate those areas. Creating a life of happiness isn’t necessarily easy. It presses certain “hot buttons” within many of us. However, it’s worth the effort. And you deserve it!

2. Gain CLARITY. “What do YOU really WANT in your life?”

This can both the toughest, most crucial step of all. Deciding to take ownership of your life and choose. Where you want to go? Do YOU want to make life choices or do you want LIFE to choose for you? It’s that simple.

By getting clarity we begin to make choices based on what we want in life. It opens up an enormous amounts of energy. We become passionate and inspired. There is a new found freedom. Clarity is POWER. By making decisions you open to life flowing through you, rather than it carrying you along. This life force brings to you a chain reaction - opening your world up to new opportunities and possibilities.

As your coach, we’ll explore options, discover what you really want in life, and focus on what you truly love to do. Then we’ll design your life around the “what’s most important”, setting values-based goals and prioritized action items, and diligently integrate them into your life.

3. Strengthen your personal foundation, raise your standards, eliminate tolerations and set boundaries

Each person has a personal foundation - their core beliefs and values. Many people have been taught to compromise themselves to win acceptance. We smooth the waters to get along with others yet by these actions our well-being and self-esteem erodes. Social grace does not mean we have to avoid our truth. It is possible to own our integrity, yet be thoughtful. It means perhaps learning a new pattern of communication - both as a sender and receiver. It means raising your standards, standing your ground and not compromising your one’s self for acceptance from others. These changes take time to implement and it means moving out of the comfort zone. Are you ready!?!

4. Start ATTRACTING into your life, rather than struggling

happinessWow!!! A life without struggle…sounds good, doesn’t it? Struggle is a misuse of energy and focus. In coaching I offer is a deep perspective on how to effectively use your energy and focus that are key components of manifestation.

Together we will look at the more commonly known mechanism of manifestation: the Universal Law of Attraction. However popular books like “The Secret” have made people believe they can EFFORTLESSLY draw in what they want in life. The Law of Attraction is only HALF of “THE SECRET.” What about the other HALF?

As a both a Coach and Advanced Master Heart Resonance Instructor - we can discuss that other- MOST IMPORTANT HALF - the Universal Law of Resonance! When we deeply understand how these laws work and how to apply them you can more deeply create your life in happiness and abundance, shifting your energy so you can shift into higher potentials for home, career, relationships, enjoy wealth and financial flow.


Every person who engages a coach wants more! The greater the desire, the better! Desire is fuel! Harnessing it and using it productively requires planning, strategy and effort. If someone “sorta tries” - they get “sorta results.”

We design an “Action Plan” and a timeline that is tailored to your specific goals and needs. It is calibrated to a schedule that works best for you. And there is a weekly call to ‘Check In’ to see how you are progressing.

6. Accountability — The Power of your Word

Have you ever been let down by a friend? It doesn’t feel good. And if that same person repeats this pattern, what happens? You lose trust in them. This also happens within us. When we make a promise to ourselves, the Inner Self needs us to keep our word. By following through with action, we build self-trust. Many of us need help here! Having a coach to verbally commit to each week helps keep you on track. As your coach, you hire me to hold you accountable so that you make your commitments happen and keep your vision ALIVE. Never underestimate the power of your word.

7. To Create CONNECTEDNESS in your life

What is connectedness? It is establishing a flow of energy so that all areas of our lives receive attention and flourish. It means looking at the different life areas: Health, Career, Relationships, Finances, Fun & Recreation to see how the resources are being spent - and spending them in the best way possible.

We are meant to experience the fullness of life - not its narrow-ness.

Life is there waiting for us. We can provide a rich diversity of relationships and experiences to that foster our well-being and connect with others. Life connection means we a walking a path that feels good to our Soul. One where we spend time outdoors connecting with ourselves and with Nature. Is that really possible? Of course it is.

As your coach we’ll look at your whole life – and look for ways to “round out” each area of your life. As these changes ripple out, they touch other areas and you move more into an allowing energy that is both energized yet peace filled.

8. To move into BEING-NESS in your life

Here’s the thing. There are 3 states we can occupy called the “BE - DO - HAVE’s

What does this mean?

DO-ers DO! DO-ers are happiest when they are doing something. They love rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. They get their fulfillment and sense of purpose through what they’ve accomplished.

HAVE-ers need an outward sign of success; an expression of abundance that show themselves and others that they have achieved fullness in their lives.

BE-ers focus on being present. They center their life on the qualities of love and connection. Connecting and integrating body, mind and spirit within as well as connecting to others.

All three states have benefits.

A DO-er gets things done. That’s a great thing! But if a DO-er’s happiness and self-esteem is tied only to their accomplishments, what happens if they lose their job or retire?

HAVE-er’s have lots! They enjoy life and the things they’ve acquired but what if there stuff - goes away? What happens to their happiness?

BE-er’s place their value on who they are as a person. There is an understanding that the work they do and the stuff they have, do not define them or their success in life.

As a coach I help people find their own self value. I help people towards “BE-ingness.”

9. Tap into your Inner Guidance Systemconscious mind

Did you know you are FULL of wisdom right now? It’s true! Every person has an INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM. You were born with it. In coaching as in life, the most powerful wisdom comes from YOU. Sometimes you just need the right question to be asked (that’s my job.) I am trained to notice the subtleties in your voice, what is said (and not said) so that the right questions can be offered for you to tap into that brilliant inner wisdom that is waiting to be unleashed.

10. To challenge you to stretch and GROW in new and exciting ways

Just like Nature humans have seasons and in each season - change happens so that the life cycle continues. Part of this cycle is our need to learn, grow and change. Our bodies and minds require a rich diversity of experiences and interactions. We need to acquire learning and knowledge so we can apply it. As we apply it we gain wisdom. Without this movement, our life becomes stagnant. And we lose some of the most satisfying elements of being human - our emotional and mental intelligence

I’m a huge believer in “life-long learning” and its ability to expand us on all levels. Be it a creative class, a seminar, book etc., inspiring our creativity, developing our thinking, adding a new skill or sport; these all challenge us to stretch and grow. It makes our lives interesting

Of all the reasons individuals come to coaching, the bottom line is CHANGE — and change means growth.

11. To process through periods of challenges and problems

It’s amazing how the focused attention of TWO committed people can find a solution when working on the problem together. Sometimes the problem isn’t the problem. Sometimes what’s needed even more than a solution is a true acknowledgment of what IS. In coaching we call that “being with” a problem and allowing the issues beneath the problem to surface. As these are identified, new strategies can be provided to assist so that movement is possible. Either way “staying stuck” with problems becomes something of the past. With problems handled and resolved you’ll have more energy to invest into your life.

12. Be Celebrated for YOUR successes

Sincere appreciation for effort and achievement - personal acknowledgment can be the single most empowering moment and creates momentum for future success and breakthroughs. This is a HUGE benefit to having a coach! Someone who is objective and working hard with you. Someone who listens to you to help you work diligently yet will help you to acknowledge your strengths - even when you are feeling challenged. So that when that break through happens and success is found, there is someone there to witness the moment and celebrate YOU! What if you had someone in your life who assumed this role? As you take your life to the next level who do you want in your corner?

13. Give yourself an EDGE in your career, in your life.

So, maybe you feel like “you can do all this by yourself” — and don’t really NEED a coach. Nobody really needs a coach. However, CAN everyone greatly benefit from a coach - YES! Because all things being equal, having a coach means having an edge. An edge that gives empowers you, builds your confidence, challenges your perceptions and so you can be the BEST version of YOU. A coach witnesses your strides in your career, business and personal life as you maximize your skills, talents and determination. An edge gives you an advantage in life.


The primary reason for hiring a coach will likely NOT be the only reason you hired a coach. Due to our human nature, unexpected issues can pop up. It could be that a past issue surfaces so that a deeper layer can be resolved. Or it could be something new. Rest assured, we’ll FOCUS on the primary reason as any coach would. Yet due to our interconnected nature within, issues not only present the problem, they can also hold the solution. Having a coach ask the right question at the right time can unleash greatness from within.

If you have been considering why - why hire a coach, perhaps now there is a deeper understanding of the value and how hiring professional life coach can be one of the most impactful decisions of your life.

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