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Susan Turner CHt, CBHt

Susan is known for her client-centered approach and sincere efforts in helping others achieve their goals.  Her deep passion for helping others discover their strengths, skills and power within is the driving force behind her session work.  Because of this she has been recognized as a leader in the field.  She is a contributing author in Roy Hunter's #1 Best-Selling Book (US & AUS - Amazon) 'The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis.'  Susan receives invitations to speak from various organizations including the BCIMDHA, Questors & Rotary clubs, among others.

Faculty member of Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science, Susan is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with specialties in Virtual Gastric Band, Cognitive Behavior Hypnotherapy, and Pain Relief Education. As a certified trainer, she teaches a variety of courses and workshops geared for both professional hypnotherapists and for the general public.

Susan offers regular Spiritual Guided Meditation Classes (please click here to join her group), as well as Heart Resonance training.

To learn more or to order Roy Hunter's new book, "The Art of Spirtual Hypnosis' click the link below:


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