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How many celebrities have used hypnosis?

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Matt Damon told Jay Leno on national TV that using hypnosis was "the greatest decision I ever made in my life." He used hypnosis to stop smoking proclaiming, “It’s the greatest decision I ever made in my life!”

Many Celebrities have used to hypnosis at some point in their lives to help them to overcome their bad habits, personal problems or to free themselves of their limitations and become enormously successful.

Orlando Bloom, Ellen DeGeneres and even David Beckham.

And there are more!

Former UK Model Sophie Dahl: After a change of heart the once ‘plus sized’ model Sophie turned to hypnosis and dropped a huge amount of weight and became a size 8. She used it to curb her eating habits and change her lifestyle. 10 years later she had still kept it off!

Actor Orlando Bloom: As a child, Orlando became addicted to chocolate. His mother took him to see a hypnotist to help him to overcome his food addiction to chocolate. It helped him to lose weight and get into shape.

Golf Pros Tiger Woods & Jack Nicklaus: Both Tiger and Jack credit hypnosis for helping them to improve their mental game through concentration, focus and visualization.

Hypnosis has been proven time and time again to boost an athlete’s game! Competition creates stress and hypnosis calms the nerves and improves mental concentration.

Soccer Pro David Beckham: Had some personal issues (issues were not made public) and used private hypnosis sessions to resolve them.

Pole Vaulter Steve Hooker: This Australian athlete won the Gold Medal at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. Hypnosis helped him relax and feel completely “at home” on competition day. He commented that his success was not only his dedicated training routines and high ambitions, but the ability to visualize his success time and time again.

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell: This famous singer used hypnotherapy to lose weight and get fit.

Tennis Pro Jimmy Connors: Used hypnosis to keep his focus and help his tennis game.

Boxer Kevin McBride: Used hypnosis to help get him into a positive and focused state of mind before his fighting competitions. He said it helped him focus on winning.

Jackie Kennedy: After the death of her husband, she worked with a hypnotherapist to help her overcome the tragedy.

TV Host Ellen DeGeneres: While on her live TV Show, Ellen had a hypnosis session that helped her successfully stop smoking.

Actor Ben Affleck: Ben also used hypnotherapy to stop smoking. He said “I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don't smoke. I feel like I'm in better shape than I was five years ago”

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy has the ability to help you re-wire the brain and create positive change! It is mind enhancement.

Actor Kevin Costner: Used it to cure the sea-sickness which was plaguing him during the filming of Waterworld. From then onwards Kevin was fine in the water.

As you can see many successful people we admire have used hypnosis when they needed a helping hand, and you can choose to use it too.

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