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Heart Resonance

HR logoHeart Resonance (HR) is a new form of healing that is so simple, yet so powerful.
The HR system was developed by Trevor Gollagher over a fifteen-year period, drawing from his thirty years experience with healing and channelled information from above. Heart Resonance can be seen as two modalities in one.
Firstly, HR is a powerful yet easy to learn healing modality, shifting disharmony in the body to a state of health and well-being.
Secondly, HR is a cutting edge tool for spiritual transformation. This Divine Love energy will align you to a higher level of consciousness and love at this time of ascension, supporting you to move with grace along your spiritual path.
A HR practitioner is able to resonate a powerful ‘Divine Love Centered’ energy field and in so doing transform dis-ease through the process of entrainment.
The HR practitioner can travel on to any level of a person’s existence to instigate powerful and positive shifts, clearing emotional stagnation and residues that burden the body, mind and spirit. Heart Resonance practitioners and clients worldwide testify to its positive impact and power.

Upcoming Classes:

HR Flyer Whitbys Dec 8 2016 400Join Susan on Thursday, December 8th at Whitby's Book Store for an Introduction to the Heart Resonance Energy Healing System.

Heart Resonance (HR) is a simple-t0-use energy modality that easily removes blocks & shifts disharmony while increasing happiness, calmness & wellness. HR can be used for self, family, pets, plants, environment and more.

Where: Whitby's Book Store, 14877 Marine Drive, White Rock

Time: 7-8:30 pm

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How is it Taught?

HR is taught in three levels, with a fourth teaching level also available upon application. Even though HR is taught through numerous levels, it is not essential that one move past the first level.

HR logo 50pxLevel One $288

Level One HR is taught over one day 9am – 4pm.

The workshop will cover the following:

• The history of HR
• You will receive the HR transmission
• The Universal Law of Resonance
• Learn how and why HR works
• Our evolving chakra /energy system
• Self-treatment
• Treatment of others
• Other uses of HR
• The levels of HR
• Environmental healing

After attending this workshop you will be able to effectively treat yourself, friends, family, pets & environment. Many people have experienced life-changing results simply by attending.

HR logo 50pxPractitioner Level $188

The Practitioner Level of HR is taught over one day 9am – 4pm.

The workshop will cover the following:

• Holy Trinity Treatment (3 sacred energies of the Divine, Mother Earth and HR)
• Holy Trinity Concepts
• Inner Journey Treatment
• Body Water Scrying
• Body System Healing
• Meridian Balancing

Practitioner Level HR allows the practitioner to work more effectively by accessing disharmony directly from within the body. This is a very powerful way to target negative imprinting and disease.

HR logo 50pxAdvanced Practitioner Level $288

Advanced Practitioner level Heart Resonance is taught over two days 9 am – 4 pm.

The workshop will cover the following:

• Activating new spiritual energy pathways
• Connecting to your Godself
• Inter-dimensional healing
• Harmonic Resonate fields
• Sacred Sequence Clearing
• Energybody healing
• Essence healing
• Soul’s Journey Imprint Clearing
• Body Candescence Enhancement
• Accessing the Divination Line
• Soul Genetics
• Kinetic Disturbance Clearing
• The Three Crosses
• Frequency Transference Technique
• And much more…

The techniques of Level Three are some of the most energetically advanced processes available. All negative hindering imprints, discarnate attachments, energy connections — basically anything that obstructs the body’s natural unfoldment — can be cleared using Level Three techniques.

To find a Approved Teacher near you follow link -

HR logo 50pxThe Children’s Workshop $188 per enrollment

(approximately 2 – 3 hours)


• Level One HR activation
• Using energy to be happy
• How to help friends
• How to help animals, plants & food
• How to help Mother Earth.


HR logo 50pxHeart Resonance Grid Activation $50

The HR Grid Activation aligns the person to the vibrational shift that is occurring currently on the planet. It also greatly increases the strength of the practitioners HR. Once the grid has been activated, the receiver will enter into a deep purging of resisting energies. The experiences that result from this powerful alignment are life changing.

Not only is the grid activation a powerful process for personal change, it also can be used in treatment protocols on others.
The activation and its teachings are conducted over a 3-hour session. Your investment for this class - This includes 2 Meditation MP3 Recordings, Grid Book, and class workbook.

heart resonance grid activation

The Grid activation is available for all people who have received the Heart Resonance Transmission(s)

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Heart Resonance Testimonials

What do others say?

tb hrSusan Turner’s HR classes create a palpable field of energy where the sum is greater than the individuals attending. The field is so strong that when three of us attended our meditation after the class group that the whole mediation group shifted energetically such that everyone felt the difference. There is nothing more powerful to bring about change in your and other people’s lives than learning how to live and work from your heart and Susan Turner can help you accomplish that goal. When in doubt stay in your heart and breathe.
Tyhson Banighen Wellness Services
–Salmon Arm BC

ds hrSusan's spiritual essence is still and unassuming. She approaches her healing work with acute sensitivity, gratitude and a tremendous desire to serve from the deepest and most centred place of Divine love. Her connection is strong and authoritative, while she remains balanced in tenderness and compassion with incredible capacity to share the healing power of love. Thank you for the profound blessing of the heart resonance session.
Deedre Statz, Certified Angel Practitioner & Angel Card Reader™
- Vancouver Island, BC

mv hrI was immediately drawn to the concept of Heart Resonance when I noticed it on a colleague's website. It was not being offered in the USA, so I made the decision and travelled to BC to take the classes. Since I live in Ohio, it was an expensive decision. Heart Resonance has made an incredible change in my life. When I returned after taking the classes, many of my friends and clients noticed I had changed, even in such a short time. I am now teaching Level 1 and 2 and just working with this incredible energy is a joy in itself. I highly recommend Heart resonance and Susan is a wonderful teacher.
Monica P. Vance
- Milford, OH USA

Before meeting Susan I was really low on life and developed a lot of misery over the loss of both my parents. After going to my first guided relaxation I felt more positive and intrigued by what the school had to offer. Later on I had completed my first hypnosis session, I had a new outlook on life and how much control we really have over our thoughts. As soon as I read about Heart Resonance I felt a strong desire to take the course. Amazing! HR has opened an unexpected door for me and I am learning so much about myself and my own abilities to help myself and others.

Susan is one of the most caring, loving and genuine people I know, she is someone who truly takes the time to talk, listen and help anyone in need, without judgment or an ulterior motive.

Susan has not only been there for me but for my sister as well. I am so thankful to have met Susan Turner and recommend her to everyone! She is an angel in disguise, and will help guide you down a path that is meant for you. Tracy Whalen - Surrey BC

dk hrMy wife and I both took Heart Resonance while going through a personal loss. It was a challenging time and I can say, without reservation, that taking this course is exactly what we needed in that moment. Susan is a wonderful person and intuitive teacher. I highly recommend this course to the general public, practitioners and especially couples.
David Kelly B.A., CHT, Hypnotherapy Works - Pitt Meadows, BC

I went to see Susan when I couldn't stop the same old destructive behaviours and negative thinking patterns in my life. I wanted to grow but was being held back by thoughts that would sometimes seem good at first but always led me somewhere I didn't want to go. Susan helped me immensely! I was led on a journey far beyond my imagination and I have so much gratitude for what she has done for not only myself but for my family as well.
My 11 year old son has been in and out of the Principal's office since starting kindergarten. We have spent literally thousands of dollars on counselors, psychiatrists, nutritionists to no avail. Within 2 sessions of being with Susan he has skyrocketed beyond my belief. The change within him is so noticeable that people have actually asked me what has changed in him. He is sociable, able to relax and laugh, has confidence, and he now walks away from bullying instead of ending the fight. I asked him what he attributed that to and he replied, "It's because of Heart Resonance" which is what Susan gifted him with. I am forever grateful. Thanks Susan. Karina Cebuliak - Surrey BC

My Heart Resonance session with Susan was amazing. I clearly felt energy moving and shifting throughout my body during our session. I was pleased and impressed with Susan's strong intuition which led her to provide exactly what I needed with the specific issues I wanted to address. I left the session feeling very grounded, peaceful and cloaked in warmth, love and compassion. I appreciate Susan's deep desire to assist and be of service to others. Karen Garland -North Vancouver, BC

tm hrHeart Resonance (HR) has made such a difference in my life. A couple of years ago I realized I was an empath. Before HR, this sensitivity would wipe me out. I completed all the HR classes last year. My awareness and sensitivity is actually stronger than it was before yet I feel grounded, centered, calm and peaceful. My energy is no longer depleted by what's happening around me. Heart Resonance has been such a blessing in my life. Terri Morrison - Surrey, BC

I asked Cindy Shulz & Terri Fisher if they would share their insights, changes and benefits of HR. We all trained together in Trevor’s first class in 2007.

cs hrI have been working with the energies of Heart Resonance now for about 5 years. It is always growing and expanding and that is what has happened for me also. Our world relies on mostly fear based energies which cause so much dis-harmony in the body and soul. With heart resonance you learn to put your energies on truth and in so doing your life goes so much smoother. Spiritual transformation also occurs and you grow into a life with fewer struggles. As the energy of the planet changes, Heart Resonance is the perfect way to make the transition much smoother. You can also help others find their truth with this modality. Win -win for everyone. The better the consciousness on the planet the more we all benefit and grow. I highly recommend learning Heart Resonance; it has changed my life and the life of people I love. Cindy Schulz – North Vancouver BC

Heart Resonance has become my own personal 24 – 7 support team. My own genie in a bottle, that appears whenever I need help, support, or peace. On one occasion -at a family funeral, I began my meditation. Soon my body filled with strength, I felt rooted and supported in my time of need. I have taken Level 1, 2 & 3 of Heart Resonance. I use this gift with my family, friends. It is the best gift that I have ever given myself. Terri Fisher - Surrey BC

susantSUSAN TURNER, CHt, CBHt loves teaching and empowering others! She has taught empowerment methods to hundreds of clients & students – in both private & in group trainings. Those who have chosen to work with Susan come from many different backgrounds including medical practitioners, corporate and business professionals, spiritual groups, among others. Susan is a Certified Facilitator – on the Faculty of Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science, a Certified Heart Resonance Instructor & Master Advanced Practitioner as well as a Certified 5-5-5 Coach.

#104 3237 King George Blvd, Surrey BC