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Enhancing Your Relationships

(2 Night Event)

In the years of teaching others how to enhance their relationships, these are the most common questions I’ve received.

How can I enjoy a closer relationship with my partner?

My co-worker always getting annoyed with me. Why?

Why aren’t I getting through to my friend?

Why do I get along better with one of my children than the other(s)?

Certain relationships really challenge me. How can I get along better in those relationships?

How can we enjoy happier relationships?

While each of us are unique, there are some basic foundations that govern our thoughts, needs, and expectations. If we can understand these simple, core concepts and apply them, our relationships begin to thrive. We feel more fulfilled when we enjoy a deeper connection to others thus experience more happiness.

The information applies to the inner workings of all relationships.

Partners ~ Children ~ Work Colleagues ~ Friends & Family

Couples and Singles welcome.

This workshop is delivered in two nights. The format includes a presentation, followed by interactive work to solidify the concepts shared and feedback.

NIGHT ONE (2 hours): deals specifically with communication, including how we hear information and how we speak. Our preferences are based on how our minds process information. Since each of us are partial to a specific style, you can learn how gain deeper clarity in interactions by adjusting your style to more closely match that of others.

NIGHT TWO (2 hours): focuses on the behaviors within relationships including the motivations and needs behind the behaviors. There are reasons for our differences and when we learn more about these reasons, it can help us manage our relationships.

Each person will be asked to complete and score two questionnaires. On night you will be given a communication form to fill out and night two - the relationship form. These are yours to keep.

Handouts are provided and you are welcome to take notes.

Your total investment is $60.

For more savings: Pay for both nights on NIGHT ONE and get $10 off! That two nights for $50

Want MORE SAVINGS? Bring a friend and you BOTH receive this training for $40 each when you both invest NIGHT ONE for both nights of the workshop. That’s 33% off!

And makes the $60 investment, now $40.

Great savings for great learning.

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susantSUSAN TURNER, CHt, CBHt loves teaching and empowering others! She has taught empowerment methods to hundreds of clients & students – in both private & in group trainings. Those who have chosen to work with Susan come from many different backgrounds including medical practitioners, corporate and business professionals, spiritual groups, among others. Susan is a Certified Facilitator – on the Faculty of Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science, a Certified Heart Resonance Instructor & Master Advanced Practitioner as well as a Certified 5-5-5 Coach.

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