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Angel and Crystal Communication

Blue Angel 300Angel Communication

Welcome sweet soul,

Thank you for considering this journey. This is a beautiful and sacred path. There is a specific process to simply and powerfully provide the foundational training and skills needed to build on your psychic abilities – as we are all born with intuition.

As an experienced Angel Channeler, and professionally trained and certified facilitator, I have trained hundreds of people over the years in various teaching modalities, and from these programs, I have taken the most effective components and combined them with the teachings from my spirit teachers to create a concentrated and powerful Angel program.

On this journey of discovery, you will be shown certain tools that when used, create powerful shifts and changes to your vibration. Included in these are some foundational methods to create focus, develop your intuition, and connect to the angelic realm, divine inspiration and information.

Literally hundreds of hours of spiritual work has been captured in this BLN Angel Communication Course®, currently it is taught in 2 levels with an option to both support and amplify, thus excelarating your vibrational work through the BLN Crystal Communication Course.

The first level contains:

  • The psychic channels and intuition
  • Focusing your energy
  • Raising vibration and higher consciousness
  • Exercises to develop intuition and connects to the Angels
  • 3 pure love energetic transmissions
  • 3 BONUS MP3 meditations to continue the process ($99 value)



Crystal Communication Tiers 1 - 3

crystal 300Are you drawn to crystals? Do you want to learn more about them and how to use them?

Crystals are used in a variety of technologies including smart phones, lasers, and computers.  TV and other squeens use liquid crystal.  Memory chips are made of memory quartz based silicone chips because the properties of quartz allow the chips to store, process and retreive memory.

Remarkably human DNA is  now being considered as a liquid crystal. Molecular bio-physicists such as Mae-Wan Ho has described the appearance of the DNA molecule as closely resembling liquid crystal. “The DNA molecule contained in each and every cell of the human body is…hexagonal crystal structure…intricately tucked into the nucleus”

Crystals are a great bridge into the world of subtle energy and quantum levela of self-healing.

What students say about Susan's Crystal Communication training?                        

"There is lots of new information I never learned before from books/teachers. Susan’s knowledge is from her intutions she has for the stone."

"I have attended many, many workshops as an energy healer.  Susan is an authetic teacher."  

"Love the grid work!  Being introduced to so many different stones was fantastic. 

"Enjoyed the conscise, direct teaching.  Very happy with this foundational work to jump-start working with crystals." 

"Susan is an incredible woman with amazing healing techniques"  

"She is truly unique and gifted."


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susantSUSAN TURNER, CHt, CBHt loves teaching and empowering others! She has taught empowerment methods to hundreds of clients & students – in both private & in group trainings. Those who have chosen to work with Susan come from many different backgrounds including medical practitioners, corporate and business professionals, spiritual groups, among others. Susan is a Certified Facilitator – on the Faculty of Coastal Academy of Hypnotic Arts & Science, a Certified Heart Resonance Instructor & Master Advanced Practitioner as well as a Certified 5-5-5 Coach.

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